The 3 Easiest Ways to Clean Nasty Window and Sliding Door Tracks

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • March 09, 2018
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There’s nothing like grimy window and door tracks to stop up performance and leave you feeling frustrated. Even the highest quality windows and doors can become hard to operate and unsightly if their tracks become grimy. That’s why it’s so important to understand Tempe window cleaning properly and to know how to get those tracks cleaned effectively.

Scrape and Vacuum

When it comes to getting tracks cleaned, one of the most important steps of window cleaning in Scottsdale is to scrape them out and to vacuum the space. Use something like a skinny plastic putty knife, or even a hard plastic butter knife to scrape away grime in your door or window tracks. After you’ve loosened them up well, take a powerful vacuum and suck out any loose debris. This is the initial step that you’ll get with commercial cleaning services in Arizona most of the time, and it’s a good way to begin taking care of any grime issues.

Clean Away the Rust

Both doors and windows commonly feature untreated metal components that will rust over time when in contact with moisture. This isn’t just an aesthetic issue, though nobody wants to look at rust, but also a functional issue. It’s best to wipe away any rust to get your windows and doors moving smoothly once again. For a good Tempe window cleaning, use some steel wool to wipe away light rust buildup and leave the surfaces of your doors and windows looking clean once again. Finish cleaning the area with a tack cloth to get any metal shavings out of the area as well and consider going over the spot with the vacuum just to be safe once again. This is another step that many professionals offering window cleaning in Scottsdale would do.

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Scrub Grime

The final step to your Tempe window cleaning that will replicate the level of quality that you can get from commercial cleaning services in Arizona is to clean off built-up grime on the sections that are meant to slide around. Use a rag dipped in acetone to scrub away any grime that’s built upon the tracks themselves. Wipe the area until it’s completely clean. This is the final step that most commercial cleaning services in Arizona will complete, leaving you with perfect functioning doors and windows once again.

Hire a Professional

If you don’t want to deal with the problem on your own, commercial cleaning services in Arizona can help you get over the problem as well. You could pay for a high-quality window cleaning in Scottsdale and skip over any of the trouble that’s involved with taking on the cleaning task yourself. You’ll save time and likely end up with better results when working with Tempe window cleaning experts. Just make sure to find reputable commercial cleaning services in Arizona for the best possible results.

By following the steps in the guide up above, you can rehabilitate windows and doors that have begun to stick when trying to use them. It takes some time to do this properly, but it’s worth the time and effort to improve your windows and doors and get them functioning the way they were meant to. If you don’t want to go through the effort yourself, you can always hire commercial cleaning services in Arizona for Tempe window cleaning instead and make sure the work is done quickly and properly.