Janitorial Services

Commercial Janitorial Services

Janitorial services come in all varieties. You would think with all of the innovation and technology available coupled with the push toward more environmentally responsible products and processes more janitorial service providers would be using them to improve both their quality of service and their bottom line. Amazingly enough very few are. Compass has been at the forefront of this move since the beginning. 

A Commercial Janitorial Service Provider that Reduces Environmental Impact

Going green and being environmentally aware are not options anymore. Janitorial companies who provide you with service have an obligation to use safe products and employ responsible practices as a part of doing business. If green products and practices are a “Me Too” part of their business, they do not have the experience necessary to use these products properly.

Why us:

* Proven products that are all organic which are safe for people and kind to the environment
* Using vacuums with HEPA filtration to insure that dust and allergens do not get back into the air or are transferred to other surfaces
* We purchase all products in concentrated form to reduce packaging costs and generate less waste
* We understand the proper use and application of the products we use to give the greatest results