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Be Your Own Boss As A Compass Cleaning Systems Franchisee

Sooner or later, everyone in the workplace dreams of achieving autonomy and financial freedom. And often times opportunities to do so arise in places or fields we might never have imagined. Compass Cleaning Systems, a leader in the field of Arizona cleaning services, is offering a chance to be your own boss and set your own course through our Arizona franchise opportunities. Compass’s commercial and carpet cleaning service has established its reputation through environmentally safe cleaning and unsurpassed professionalism. Just as importantly, it’s been the vessel by which many would-be entrepreneurs like you have made the transition to business owner and the life of their dreams.

Starting your own Phoenix janitorial service is a move that requires educating yourself about an entirely new field, and we stand ready to provide our franchisees with the education and tools they need to achieve success. As a franchisee you’ll receive extensive classroom instruction from experts, and continuing education throughout your career with Compass. You’ll also receive Business Management Training, and be brought up to speed on the many aspects of running a successful business before it actually comes time to do so. In this way you’ll be as prepared as you can possibly be to experience success in a timely fashion.

The hardest time for any new business owner is the start-up period; a time where sales calls and cold calling are often the norm and frustration is often a by-product. Compass is committed to making it much easier for our franchisees to begin experiencing success early and often by providing real world contacts and leads. Bookkeeping is another area that can trip up the new business owner, which is why we’ll also do all of your billing and collections for you. Finally, you’ll be provided with the advertising and marketing tools vital to any start-up endeavor, including business cards, letterhead, brochures, and more.

The reason so many of our franchisees are successful in their endeavors is that they have a personal investment in the outcome of their business. In the very same way we have a personal investment in every one of the franchisees we take into our family. Your success breeds our success, and with that in mind we’ll share every bit of the knowledge and resources we’ve accumulated in nearly twenty years in business to make you a success.

The dream of owning your own business is firmly within your reach. Learn the workings of a new industry and set a course to financial freedom by taking advantage of our Arizona franchise opportunities today.

Compass Cleaning Systems Helps Businesses Look Their Best

An often overlooked and underestimated part of owning a business is keeping your building and/or office consistently clean and healthy for employees and customers. Locally-based Compass Cleaning Systems is setting the standard in the commercial cleaning industry, and has expanded to become the leader in Arizona cleaning services. Compass’s commercial and carpet cleaning service offers environmentally safe cleaning of the highest order, and a work ethic and professionalism few if any can match. And while choosing a Phoenix janitorial service to keep your office or building looking its best may seem like a daunting task, it’s a decision made easier by our two decade track record of impeccable results.

From the very first Arizona franchise opportunity to where we are today, Phoenix-based businesses have wasted little time choosing Compass as their go-to company for commercial cleaning needs. Our custom built cleaning packages are built with your company’s specific needs and budget in mind, and include such services as general cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care, restrooms, dusting, trash removal, window washing, post construction cleaning, and more. Choose the surfaces you need and schedule them on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and take the first steps toward an impeccable office that enhances your business, impresses clients, and inspires employees.

While you no doubt know that not all commercial cleaners are alike, you may wonder what sets Compass Cleaning Systems apart from its competitors. The Compass difference can be found in its use of both products that protect clients, customers and employees and processes that insure the cleanest clean. In essence, our system guarantees that every facility, no matter how large or small, is cleaned in the same methodical way each and every time. By adhering to this comprehensive system, we make sure that no stone is left unturned, and no elements of your office or building are left unclean.

It’s a proven fact that people who feel better perform better, and Compass is proud to use only equipment and products designed to promote better health. All of our cleaning is done using green products, allowing you to be environmentally conscious while maintaining a pristine office environment. Provide a work environment that customers and employees alike can feel good about, and an office or building that is always at its best.

Valley-based businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to look to Compass to keep their work environments their working best. Consult with us as to your cleaning needs and goals, and make sure your building or office reflects the professionalism that is the hallmark of your business.