• Common Complaints about Commercial Cleaning Companies

    Over the next few weeks we will be addressing Customer Service Complaints and how to make sure those issues are minimized and a professional long lasting relationship with your commercial janitorial company is developed. You can join our on line discussion by going to our Facebook page and posting on the Discussions Page or comment directly at the end of this post. Here are a few of the topics (favorite complaints) we will be discussing:

    Quality of our service has dropped off over time
    The crew did not clean over the weekend
    The doors were unlocked and or the alarms were not set
    They ate food from the refrigerator
    They brought children or pets into the office while they were working
    They used our computers
    They use our cleaning supplies rather than their own
    They left garbage sitting at the back door

    These are just a few issues every office cleaning service will hear from the customer at some time. You may have others. Let us know about your experience and most importantly what would have made the difference for you. Your input is a valuable resource for us.

    If your current janitorial service company is not pro-actively addressing your biggest issues I would be concerned. Are they dismissing your concerns as unimportant? Are they making excuses? Do they see this issue as ‘your problem’?

    On the other hand a company that takes personal responsibility, pro-actively puts together a plan of action and engages you in the process is saying, “you are important to us and we will do what is necessary to serve you better”. Attitude and perspective are huge. How does your current office janitorial service stack up?
    Jan 27, 2017
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