Ceiling Restoration

Ceiling Restoration
Every surface of your building deserves to be clean, even your ceilings!

Ceilings are maybe the most forgotten element of commercial cleaning. Restaurants, deli’s, bakery’s and even offices with ceiling tiles can become collection points for smoke, grease and bacteria. With proper maintenance any ceiling can be restored to ‘like new’ condition and can add light and cleanliness to the work environment.

Compass Cleaning Solutions is a certified dealer for all Ceiling Pro products, which are natural organic compounds, protecting our environment as well as your staff and your clients. Wouldn’t it be nice to ‘look up’ and not be embarrassed by what you see? Compass Cleaning Solutions, as a full service commercial cleaning company, will not only service your ground level needs but your ceilings and walls as well.

We can remove smoke, grime and grease build up found on any of the following Ceiling and Wall surfaces:
* Acoustical tile (drop ceilings)
* Vinyl drop ceilings (Bakery’s and Deli’s)
* Metal
* Sealed wood surfaces

In addition, we can restore the look of:
* Vinyl awnings
* Stucco
* Crystal chandeliers
* Alucobond
* Commercial Wallpaper

If serious neglect and damage has made restoration impossible, we offer a re-coating solution using the same product applied at the factory. White is the most common color but tinting is also available. Why continue to struggle with your dingy ceilings when you can literally brighten your day by cleaning and restoring your existing ceiling.