• [5 DIY Cleaning Hacks] That Will Keep Your Office Clean & Green


    Compass Cleaning Solutions is dedicated to using only green, safe products in their franchise-based commercial cleaning services in Arizona. With a rise in awareness of the toxins and dangers of common cleaning supplies, we set ourselves apart by helping employers provide clean, green and healthier work environments for their employees.

    Here are 5 cleaning hacks that will keep your office clean & green:

    1. Avoid chemical-laden fabric sprays and air fresheners

    Research shows that the harsh chemicals in many popular fabric protection sprays and air fresheners are endocrine and reproductive disruptors. Keep your employees safe and healthy by avoiding these chemical-heavy products at all costs.

    2. Use DIY cleaners instead of standard chemical products

    Common household items in your kitchen make great replacements to standard chemical cleaners. Baking soda, vinegar, and lemon are three great ingredients in DIY cleaning products that clean even better than chemical laden products.

    3. Carefully read your cleaning product labels

    Avoid cleaning products with chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates and the non-disclosing “chemical surfactants” ingredient. Very few chemical cleaning products list their full ingredient use. Compass Cleaning Solutions uses only the safest, green cleaning products on the job.

    steam clean carpet flooring

    4. Steam clean carpet flooring

    Don’t use chemical carpet cleaners and stain treatments on your carpet flooring. Steam cleaning will help to keep your methods green.

    5. Use advanced cleaning supplies

    There are new and improved supplies that are designed and manufactured to reduce chemical residue during cleaning. Compass Cleaning Solutions utilizes top notch and technologically advanced equipment when cleaning your office space.

    If you’re looking for more information regarding all things green in Arizona, Green Living magazine is a go-to resource. Learn how to live, work and play green while reading up on the local environmental news and learning about top eco events to attend in the Valley. Become a part of the green living movement in Arizona.
    Feb 25, 2018
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